Need a tree removed? We’ve got you covered!

When it's time for expert tree removal service

Trees are great – they’re practical, look good, great for kids, and can even be profitable. But there are times when tree removal is necessary. Maybe you’re dealing with Bradford pears needing removal or tree damaged by a storm.

You may be considering a DIY approach – finally ready to use that chainsaw! That’s great. Go for it when you’re able. But there are those trees that need expert service and care to remove. GLS Lawn & Tree can help remove your tree safely and quickly.  

When might tree removal be the right choice? 


    • Dead or diseased trees: These have high risk of falling, potentially causing damage to structures, vehicles, or injuring people. 
    • Trees interfering with power lines or structures: Overgrown branches can create a dangerous proximity to power lines, buildings, or roadways.


    • Severely diseased or pest-infested trees: Left untreated, these can spread disease to neighboring trees and pose a threat to the overall health of your landscape. 
    • Invasive root systems: Some tree species develop extensive root systems that can damage foundations, walkways, and sewer lines.

Property Management

    • Unwanted trees: Perhaps a tree simply doesn’t align with your landscaping plans or obstructs desired views. 
    • Trees interfering with construction or development projects: When building new structures or undertaking renovations, specific trees may need to be removed to make way for progress.

Remember, tree removal is a significant decision not to be taken lightly. When we speak, we can explore your options, explain potential risks and benefits, and determine how to handle it safely and effectively.

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