emergency TREE assistance

Tree trouble? Don’t wait, we’re here – 24/7 emergency tree assistance!

When emergency tree service is needed

When fallen branches, storm damage, or unexpected hazards threaten your property and safety, immediate and reliable tree emergency assistance becomes crucial. This is our home and we are available 24/7 and ready to help a neighbor out!

Let’s talk about what would fall under “emergency” tree care and quick action is needed:

Property Damage

    • Structures: Fallen branches or trees can severely damage roofs, fences, sheds, or other structures on your property. 
    • Vehicles: When a tree or large branch has smashed your vehicle or pinned it down.
    • Impassable driveways or walkways: Blocked pathways due to fallen trees can hinder essential access for emergency services or daily activities. 

Immediate Threats

    • Fallen trees or large branches: These pose a direct danger to people, structures, and vehicles, requiring prompt removal to prevent further damage or injury.
    • Broken or leaning trees: Storms or strong winds can compromise a tree’s stability, creating a potential for collapse and significant damage. 
    • Power line interference: Downed branches or damaged trees coming into contact with power lines can lead to power outages and electrical hazards. 

Time-Sensitive Scenarios

    • Heavy snowfall or ice accumulation: Excess weight can cause branches to crack or entire trees to topple.
    • Disease or pest infestations: Certain situations require urgent action to contain the spread of disease or prevent further damage by destructive pests.
    • Fire hazards: Dry, fallen branches or lightning-struck trees pose a fire risk, and prompt removal mitigates potential danger and property damage.

Remember, every situation is unique. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re unsure whether your situation requires emergency assistance. We are available 24/7 to assess your situation, provide expert advice, and take swift action to minimize damage and ensure your safety.

Find Emergency Tree Service Near Me

We are available to help immediately in the Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station, Franklin, Brentwood, College Grove, and Columbia areas. If you’re near there, give me a call at (931) 446-5555 or fill out the form ASAP and we will determine how we can effectively help you out.

Contact us any time, day or night, for immediate tree emergency assistance. We’re dedicated to providing prompt, reliable, and professional service to restore peace of mind and protect your property during unexpected events.