TREE Services

Give your trees the care they deserve with our expert tree services.

What we do

Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, and Emergency Assistance


GLS tree trimming

Enhance Tree Health: Proper tree pruning promotes healthy growth, improves structure, and boosts visual appeal. 

Increase Safety & Security: Tree cutting helps remove deadwood, address storm damage, and prevent dangerous branches from falling. 

Maximize Sunlight & Airflow: Expert tree trimming can enhance the growth of other plants and create a brighter, healthier landscape. 

Boost Curb Appeal & Property Value: Well-maintained trees add value and instantly elevate your property’s aesthetics.


GLS tree removal

Safe and Efficient Removal: We have the experience and know-how to ensure the job is done right, minimizing impact on your property and surrounding trees. 

Peace of Mind: We handle all aspects, from inspection to cleanup, leaving you worry-free. 

Respectful Approach: We follow the Golden Rule and care for your property as much as you do, minimizing damage and leaving the site clean and tidy. 

Sustainable Solutions: We recycle wood chips and responsibly dispose of debris whenever possible.

STUMP grinding

GLS Stump Grinding

Enhanced curb appeal: Create a clean, finished look for your landscape.

Safer walkways: Eliminate tripping hazards for you, your family, and pets.

Pest control: Stop unwanted insects and rodents from making your stump their home.

Easier yard maintenance: Mow freely and effortlessly without obstacles.

Freedom to landscape: Reclaim space for gardens, flower beds, or new tree plantings.

Eco-friendly disposal: We responsibly recycle or reuse wood chips whenever possible.

Emergency Assistance

GLS emergency assistance tree service

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and sometimes, trees bear the brunt of her fury. When fallen branches, storm damage, or unexpected hazards threaten your property and safety, immediate and reliable tree emergency assistance becomes crucial. But what exactly falls under “emergency” tree care? 

Immediate Threats: Fallen trees or large branches, broken or leaning trees, or power line interference.

Safety Concerns: Damaged structures, impassable driveways or walkways, or potential injuries

Time-Sensitive Scenarios: Heavy snowfall or ice accumulation, disease or pest infestations, or fire hazards