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GLS Tree Trim TN - Jeremy Howard Family

Family owned and operated GLS Lawn & Tree is a small tree and landscaping service in middle Tennessee. At 25 years of age owner and founder Jeremy Howard started the business in the late nineties, mowing a few yards to help a friend. Working a main job that kept him indoors he soon realized that being able to work outside was a lot more enjoyable. He stepped away from his inside job and launched the lawn service business full time in the spring of ’99. Now 25 years later he says, “I love what I do more than ever. I get up every morning looking forward to the new people I get to meet and serve. It has been and will always be my determination to do things with excellence. Customer service and clear communication is paramount and that includes doing jobs the right way.”

Starting off in South Mississippi where Jeremy grew up, GLS served his community until 2005 when he got married and moved to Kansas City, Missouri. He launched the business there in the spring of ’06 as a part time financial help while also serving as a minister in a local church. In 2015 Jeremy made the decision to resign from the ministry and go full time lawn and tree service allowing his wife to step away from her job and focus on their foster care children. 

Jeremy and Carmen became licensed foster parents at the end of 2013 receiving their first placement in the early part of 2014. Since then, Jeremy and Carmen have fostered multiple children and adopted four sons. Jeremy says, “Everything I do is for my family. My boys have changed my life in ways I could never truly express. I thank God every day for putting me in a position to be their dad.” 

Going into 2020 Jeremy and Carmen began to discuss a fresh start in a new place and eventually decided to relocate to the Nashville area. Several close friends were already in the area and Jeremy is closer to where he grew up making it easier to visit family more often. The business is still in full operation in the KC area (Raymore, MO) and doing well. With the right people in place Jeremy has been able to see success in both the KC and Nashville markets. 

Jeremy says, “The key to our success has been our willingness to stay small. It’s very important to me that I can talk to customers myself and build that relationship, one that hopefully lasts a lifetime. We strive to do everything with a sense of excellence and do our best to make sure our customers feel like family. My business partner, Joey, in the KC office works diligently to maintain the key ingredients that set the foundation of our success. We focus and continue to give our best in providing a quality service to our customers. If you decide to give us a chance to earn your business, you will see firsthand what sets us apart. Thank you for your interest in supporting our family business. I hope to hear from you soon.”